Straighten out the less true opinion about the BMT (Baitul Maal Wa Tamwiil): An Invitation to the graduates of Islamic Economics for Developing Nations with BMT (Baitul Maal Wa Tamwiil)


Many people squinting to BMT. But to my knowledge, BMT is a social institution that is vital to establish an economic growth of a more humane society. I think Indonesian government partisanship on the growth and management of BMT is not maximized. Since, BMT may not be a government priority in helping the local economy. 
Whereas, legally BMT based on cooperative law. Scandinavian countries are very diligent in doing the spread of cooperatives, as it turns out it is so close to the community in developing the local economy. I do not blame anyone who squinted against the BMT, this may be because BMT is a small financial institutions are often not attractive to most people is no exception in it is the graduates of Islamic economics. our concern for the homeless and destitute is a gift that God has given us.
As performed by Muhammad Yunus initiated the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, apparently initiated by his sympathy for the small community who are unable to meet daily basic needs. Maybe you or I so enjoy life with a beautiful and simple, easy to buy food, buy a drink, with just one credit card friction we can make economic transactions. But in part it was not for our brothers, they are unable to pay its debts, can not afford to buy their children's school uniforms. Role of government in reducing poverty should be supported by economic scholars. Especially economic scholars of Islam, poverty is an important thing to be resolved.

If we explore more deeply what is needed by the indigent and the poor both in Indonesia and in other countries, the most basic needs are food, drink and other. They do not have the luxury needs than we like most. Muhammad Yunus expresses a very clear explanation that the poor are highly sensitive to repay debts on time. This surprised all parties, both government and the researchers and economists. BMT is also the same characteristics with the Grameen Bank, concerned about the poor, run the real sector economy, and very close to the entire community. BMT was established to assist the poor. Some of the BMT program fits perfectly with what is required of the poor. For example, BMT create a mentoring program to establish a Sharia-based micro-businesses. BMT officials are not only tasked to provide financial services only, but also provide religious guidance so that its impact is the benefit of the world and the hereafter.
I have not seen the development and growth of BMT in other countries. I do not know how BMT proliferated in other countries. BMT in Indonesia have similar characteristics to the cooperative. BMT members can make savings and loan activities. However, at least I want to distinguish borrowing system between the BMT and Cooperatives. The following tables and explanations.

The determination of the results
After trying, after there is an advantage
Interest, the value of rupiah
Agree on the proportion of profit sharing for each party such as: 50:50, 40:60, 35:65, etc
In the event of loss
Borne by the customer only
Borne by both parties
Calculated from where
Of the funds lent
Of profit that would be obtained is not necessarily the magnitude
Focal point of business projects
The amount of interest to be paid must be received by Cooperatives customers
The success of the project / business is so common concern: the customer and BMT.
We know its magnitude number
Fixed. (%) Times the amount of loans that have been definitely known
Proportion (%) so the amount of profits that have not = yet known
Legal status
Contrary to the QS. Lukman: 34
Implement the QS. Lukman: 34

            Many people who are interested to set up Islamic financial institutions. But the interest is not driven by Islamic financial management competencies. So that not a few Islamic financial institutions can only survive within a few years and after it went bankrupt. Of course this is not our common hope. Islamic financial institutions should be able to stand up and survive. Because the primary function of BMT is protect the poor and create new hope for them


Source : Pinbuk (Small Business Incubation Center) Indonesia.

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